Although we typically think of nurse as working in hospitals, some aspiring nurses wonder where nurses can work other than hospitals..Some nurses may enjoy patient contact while others may just want a change of pace from the hospital routine. The good news is that there are many places and jobs where nurses can work other than in hospitals.

Registered nurses (RNs) have been and continue to be in demand in various medical or health-related settings, where it’s clinics ,home hospice, public schools hospitals & government jobs. Here are a few areas where nurses can work other than hospitals.

      Working as a public health nurse is often a choice made by nurses who want work other than in hospitals. Other option is

 1.Travel nurse generally travel to the patients home and provide them medical care and emotional supports.

2.Hospice nurses work for different medical organizations and spend most of their time caring for terminally ill patients.

3.Diabetes nurses work with those who have diabetes, providing patient education , including fitness  and nutrition information.

4.Health policy nurses work with patients on a social level to create policies that will hope fully promote a healthy population. Suggesting new policies where necessary .

5.Nurse Advocate provides a link between medical professionals, doctors and the patient, explaining alternative treatment.

6.Nurse Practitioner provide primary and special care for patients collaboratively with a doctor.

7.Anesthetist nurses helping patients with anesthesia when they are being prepared for surgery.

8. Educator nurses evaluate and implement education programs for nurses, teaching at schools, universities and colleges.

9. Endocrinology Pediatric Nurses  help children suffering from diseases and disorders affecting the digestive system educating them and their parents.

10.Chief officers provide strategic planning help, administrative leadership, and management expertise within various healthcare organizations.

       There are Alternative nurse job #

  1. Nurse freelancer writer
  2. Pharmaceutical sales representative
  3.  the medical device salesperson
  4. Nurse blogger
  5. Nurse consultant
  6.  Pharmaceutical sales representative

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