The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed in May last year that 2020
would be dedicated to nurses and midwives. It chose the theme to coincide
with the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale on 12th of May.
Unfortunately this year the outbreak of the COVID-19 infection happened
across the world which took the lives of many people globally. The nursing
response to the corona virus (COVID -19) crisis has gone way beyond the
core purpose of 2020 as the International Year of the Nurses and Midwives.
The work put in by nurses in the COVID 19 crisis is a powerful & practical
demonstration of the potential that nurses possess, to address big health care
challenges, which the theme of nurses day this year aims to achieve.
There is always less representation and recognition of the other complex
professional aspects of nursing. Whereas contrary to that image, nursing
professionals actually have a dynamic role in all aspects of healthcare delivery
The image of the nursing community and society and the overall morale of
nursing is getting significant acknowledgement and recognition during these
challenging times.
Nurses play various role in his or her profession.  Their work ranges from
providing not only highly specific technical care, but also she or he act as a
1.Teacher : . Nurses are very aware of the challenges of delivering high-
quality care at a time of pandemic and have demonstrated/teach patients how
they can improve productivity with sustained high quality as well as
awareness of prevention of COVID-19 and how to take care of our self during
pandemic. About diet, personal hygiene and so on.

2.Co-ordinator: Nurses co-ordinate the work of other health care professionals
to meet patient care goals as well as Co-ordinate with patients, patient
relatives up to higher authorities.

3.Midiator: . The nature of the disease is such that, it implies visiting
restrictions to the admitted patient because of the fear of rapid spread of
infection. At vulnerable moments like these, it is the nurses who are holding
the responsibility and accountability for providing reassurance to patients and
mediator between the patients’ needs and all other departments in the
4.Leader:For managing COVID-19 nurses taking lead. Nurses have proved to
be the health warriors who have taken on the lead very willingly with their
heart and soul. The profession is central to tackling the pandemic and, nurses
in every country, have “stepped up and stepped beyond” their calling.
5.Manager:nurses are working in the forefront and are managing patient
screenings, placement as well the care of patients in the COVID zone.
6.Communicator:Nurses is a bridge between patents to the higher authorities
in the hospital as well as in community setup. This is difficult time for patient
and families as they restricted to visit in the hospital. Nurses making special
effort to keep families in touch with their loved once and make their hospital
stay as pleasant as possible.
We salute these healthcare warriors who work without any expectations and
by sacrificing their personal life and family and for their contribution in saving
lives and improving health outcomes.
I hope that nurses as a group, grow professionally and that enrolments into
nursing profession increase. This year, 2020, being the year of the Nurse and
Midwife & there is no time like the present to celebrate and be proud of the
rewarding profession.

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