Technology should be a prime pillar while designing a sanitation system. Socioeconomic and demographic matrix should be prepared at a micro-level prior to the design of the sanitation system. Availability and type of land, availability of water, density of population, social and economic status of the community should be the prime factor and appropriate technological solution should be applied to design community or geography specific toilets. Technological sustainability should be determined by trained engineers. In most low-resource settings, local governments have insufficient capacity and capability strength to build community-level infrastructure and even less human capital for long-term maintenance. During this Pandemic

We all understood the importance of social distancing,& personal as well as social hygiene. While going out its essential to cover your mouth and nose to save yourself from badly infect or being positive by CORONA VIRUS .We should learn and teach or guide everyone who is around us about sanitation ,health tips, cleanliness habits. We should teach our children these good habits like washing hands, using handkerchief while sneezing & coughing, flushing the toilet after using it from childhood then only they can survive safely and could fight against any such disease .i.e. corona virus.

Now days we could see and hear on Television, Radio, Newspapers government of India is making awareness among all people through out the world. There is a strong need to create awareness among the population. Adopting the toilet using behavior is an inexpensive alternative to building toilets. Behavior and cultural transformation as a frugal innovation is a bottom-up approach and can easily be adapted to different population that makes it highly scalable. Awareness programs should additionally be designed geographically and aimed to create awareness among diverse and specific mindset of people spread over the target area.

Hence people are moving positively towards medical field as their career. It’s need of the hour there should be multiple courses in Health and Sanitation sectors. There should be proper guidance to the students of SSC & HSC after completion of there academic which courses they could join for ?And my dear students & parents I would like to inform you that on behalf of associates of  The IISDET INSTITUTION is giving you this opportunity to select your career in Health sector. You can do any of the courses according to your choice and eligibility.


1)GNM Assistant course – ­ ELIGIBILITY – HSC PASS/ FAIL- 12 TH


3) Health and Sanitation Officer – ELIGIBILITY – ANY  GRADUATE (SCE,ARTS,COM)

4) Bachelors in Medical Laboratory  Technician (BSC -MLT) — ELIGIBILITY – HSC PASS/ 10 TH        AND ABOVE

5) Diploma in Medical Laboratory  Technician (DMLT) – ELIGIBILITY – HSC PASS /12 TH

6) Diploma In Operation Theater Technician – ELIGIBILITY – HSC PASS/12 TH

7) Certificate Course in Operation Theater Technician – ELIGIBILITY – SSC PASS/ 10 TH

8) Certificate Course in Medical Laboratory  Technician (CMLT) – ELIGIBILITY – SSC PASS/ 10 TH

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